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Financial Assistance ship for ICA Learners

Financial assistance ship will be provided to the Learners of ICA the under following categories:

  • Candidates who have already completed any one program from ICA and wants to  further pursue other programs from ICA.
  • Candidates already pursuing any program of IGNOU , who wants to simultaneously pursue certificate level program of IGNOU.
  • In the above-mentioned cases Financial Assistance ship of 10% will be provided and an additional 5% will be provided to those candidates who have completed the previous program with overall percentage of 60% and above or B grade and above which ever applicable.
  • Financial Assistance ship will be provided only in certain fees as defined by ICA for the entire program.


Criteria for Availing Financial Assistance ship

  • Candidates require to produce a copy of study center ID card/ University ID Card.
  • Candidates falling under the category of additional 5% financial assistance require to submit a copy of the Mark Sheet of the previous program completed.
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