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Online Course from Amity University

ONLINE Courses from Amity University

ICA proudly announces the launch of programs from Amity University, Directorate of Distance and Online Education, India. Amity is currently a leading education provider in India. AMITY is the single largest private university in India, recognized by Uttar Pradesh State Govt. of India and other Government and non-government agencies of India. The degrees availed from the university are recognized and accepted globally.

Understanding the busy schedule of people and the need of the hour we gladly present a full range of virtual and online courses from Amity University.

As an authorized representative of Amity, we will be acting as a liaison and as such will be concerned with the admissions purpose only. ICA is not liable for any other academic or non-academic support including equivalency of degrees in Nepal.


Programs on offer: Course Duration
1 Master of Financial Management 2 years
2 MSc (Information Technology) 2 years
3 Master of Computer Applications 3 years
4 Master of Business Administration 2 years
5 Master of Arts in  English 2 years Course Duration
1 Bachelor of Business Administration 3 years
2 Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 3 years
3 Bachelor of Arts in Economics 3 years
4 Bachelor of Finance and Investment Analysis 3 years
5 Bachelor of Computer Applications 3 years
6 Bachelors of Tourism Administration 3 years
7 Bachelors of Journalism & Mass Communication 3 years
8 Bachelor of Business Administration in Retail Management 3 years
9 Bachelor of Business Management 3 years
10 Bachelor of Commerce 3 years Course Duration
1 PG Diploma in Business Management 1 year
2 PG Diploma in Financial Management 1 year
3 PG Diploma in Material Management 1 year
4 PG Diploma in Human Resource Management 1 year
5 PG Diploma in Marketing Management 1 year
6 PG Diploma in Export Management 1 year
7 PG Diploma in Production and Operations Management 1 year
8 PG Diploma in Information Technology 1 year
9 PG Diploma in Logistic & Supply Chain Management 1 year
10 PG Diploma in French 1 year
11 PG Diploma in Business Management 1 year
12 PG Diploma in Advertising and Brand Management 1 year
13 PG Diploma in Insurance Management 1 year
14 PG Diploma in Legal & Business Environment 1 year
15 PG Diploma in Networking Fundamental & Data Storage 1 year
16 PG Diploma in Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management 1 year
17 Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Finance 1 year
18 Post Graduate Diploma in International Business 1 year
19 PG Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication 1 year
20 PG Diploma in Retail Management 1 year
21 PG Diploma in NGO Management 1 year
22 PG Diploma in Hospitality Management 1 year
23 PG Diploma in Big Data Analytics 1 year Course Duration
1 Diploma in Advertising & Brand Management 6 months
2 Diploma in Business Management 6 months
3 Diploma in Information Technology 6 months
4 Diploma in French Language 6 months
5 Diploma in Forex Management 6 months Course Duration
1 Certification in Excel for Managers 3 months
2 Certificate Course in Carbon Finance 3 months
3 Certificate Course in Cyber Security 3 months
4 Certification in Digital Marketing 3 months
5 Certificate in Advertising & Marketing 3 months
6 Certification in Professional Paralegal 3 months


Besides these, Amity has also started a foundation program for students who for those who could not completed their 12th and are willing to further their education. The said program will be of 6 months duration after successful completion of which one can pursue undergraduate program from AMITY University only.

Note: The Foundation course cannot be treated as equivalent to 10+2 standard

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