5 Effective Tips to Prepare Yourself for Examination

  • 2022-01-25
  • ICA
5 Effective Tips to Prepare Yourself for Examination

We have all at some point of time stared at that huge stack of books and study materials piled up in-front of us before the big day. It is only natural that we all have that peculiar anxiety about exams. Let’s face it, you are not the only one. The golden rule is to feel confident about your grasp on the subject matter. Planning early for your examinations not only helps you buy more time to enhance your in-depth understanding of the subject matter but also enough time for you to organize your study routine more efficiently.

Have you ever wondered about easy exam preparation tips? It’s time for you to forget everything and follow these pro tips to prepare for examinations.   

Find a place to study

Looking at your messy pile of notes, books and study materials is often stressful and demotivating to start with. Organizing a clutter free space where you can comfortably spend a couple of hours a day can be very effective for exam preparation. Find somewhere that is quieter than other places and where you can easily speak out loud what you’re studying without being embarrassed. 

Start making scratches

It may seem tedious and repetitive at first but this is one of the best ways to memorize what you have read. Writing keeps your memory fresh for your performance in examinations. 

Draw diagrams, and pictures

Another effective tip to get your desired A grade in exams is to study differently. Most out performers use formulas, diagrams and pictorial representation of subject matters. Draw a flowchart, a big circle and jot down different concepts. This will help you to breakdown your huge syllabus into smaller conceptual ideas. 

Speak out loud

It may seem rather odd to a lot of us but research suggest that speaking out loud about your study matter helps you concentrate and memorize better. So next time you are stressed out go for it sing your chapter notes out loud. 

Revise and repeat

It’s true that the more time you have to prepare the chances are you will perform better in your exams. If you are in the last minute brink, that you have an exam tomorrow, instead of ramming up everything in one go focus on the concepts that you already have some knowledge about. Revising concepts again and again makes vocabulary and content more acquainted to you making it easier to pass an exam. 

There is no fixed set of advice that can guarantee a result for high performance in exams but one thing is for sure, considering mindfulness and stress relief along with pro tips will definitely raise the bar to an extent. Sit down, breathe, scratch, speak and repeat. Happy examinations.