Affordable College Degree in Kathmandu

  • 2023-08-30
  • ICA Admin
Affordable College Degree in Kathmandu

The role of higher education in terms of career development is an obvious manifest. There are so many degrees in offer these days in Nepal that sometimes it is so difficult for students to choose from these options. The role of IT in the education process is also growing at a rapid pace in Nepal and in the international scenario. It is also equally important to note that the differentials in the fees structures is one of the more important factors that affect the choice of degrees and institutions offering it.

Choosing your college journey is a personal and important decision in your life. This choice affects your long term life chances in terms of employment and career progression. Not just that, it is also linked with a higher self-esteem and confidence to excel in your personal and professional endeavors. In this blog we will look at why choosing a degree with the International Center for Academics (ICA) is one of the best online colleges in Nepal and also among the most affordable colleges in Kathmandu. 

The programs offered at ICA are flexible and are designed to foster the creativity and career prospects of learners enrolled with us. These courses are globally recognized and equivalent in Nepal and abroad. We have included the different options available for you to choose from at the International Center for Academics (ICA). 

PG Diplomas

PG Diploma or postgraduate diploma is courses offered after the completion of a recognized Bachelor’s Degree. These are typically shorter than Master’s programs and they are centered towards providing specialized practical trainings in particular areas of expertise. These courses are affordable and readily available online at ICA. Here is a list of PG Diploma courses available at ICA. 

PG Diploma in Operation Management

PG Diploma in Financial Management

PG Diploma in Human Resource Management

PG Diploma in Computer Applications

PG Diploma in Service Management Area

Bachelor Degree

A Bachelor Degree is typically called an undergraduate degree. These degrees can be earned after completing a prescribed semester based course of study. These are typically 3-4 year degrees and offer a great foundational learning platform. These are often the pre-requisites for professional career and advanced education. There are many Bachelor Degree courses in offer at ICA. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (BA)

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications (BCA)

Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Tourism Studies (BATS)

Bachelor’s Degree Program in Commerce (BCom.)

Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (BA Honors)


Master Degree

Master’s degrees are often called as post-graduate qualification after the undergraduate or Bachelor’s Degree. They are typically 1-2 year programs offered in specific areas of discipline and often require a original dissertation or project work. These degrees are essential for specialization or expertise building and act as a foundation for higher education such as Phil or doctorate or higher degrees. There are any Master degree courses available at ICA to choose from.

Masters in Computer Application (MCA)

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)

Master’s Degree in Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM)

Masters of Arts in English (MA English) 


Overseas Extension

Besides regular degrees, ICA also provides opportunity to learners to engage in doctoral and other higher education degrees in world-class universities across the world. The counselling and career advice provided by ICA Education and other affiliates of ICA provide learners with the widest selection of affordable and growth oriented degrees in Kathmandu. 

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