Benefits of Online Learning in Nepal

  • 2023-07-24
  • ICA Admin
Benefits of Online Learning in Nepal

Online learning is gaining popularity in Nepal these days. Although online learning was started in Nepal long time back, this learning mode has been more popular among learners until recently. There are numerous college courses online now at ICA. With growing number of working professionals, who want to pursue their higher education but can’t do so with physical college attendance, online learning has risen as a blessing in disguise. With open learning the possibility of learning from your own pace, place and time is just seamless. Here are some benefits of online learning in Nepal.

Benefits of Online Learning In Nepal.

WIth Information Technology taking leaps and heaps on global scenario, Nepal seems to lagging the proper uses of IT development. Potential of Learning online is one of the sector Nepal seems to be not reaping the benefits. With module like Distance learning and Open Univiersity with internet penetration of  51.6 Percent and smart phone user of 60% as of 2023. We are not looking at the benefits as we should  have for development.

1. Time Factor on Learning Online

When it comes to college degrees, time is an essential factor. Students usually have to spend a substantial amount of time in commuting and attending physical classes in conventional forms of education. In the case of online learning, the physical attendance is usually not required (some courses may require lab classes). This is a great flexibility for learners because a great deal of time can be productively used. 

With Increasing constraint of saving time Online seems to be the solution for both saving time and resourse for most people who are looking forward to get a college degree. ICA programs provide a way out where you can learn at any time of your day on you comfortable schedule and get a degree.

2. Affordability of Learning Online

Education now a days is expensive. Learning cost, books, notebooks, stationeries, fooding, lodging everything seem to come up with a cost these day.  Affordability is one of the greatest advantages of online learning. Online modes of learning are relatively cheaper to pursue with the fully valid degrees of similar nature in conventional forms. Add to that extra costs associated with college  and associated costs are substantially less in online learning.  All you need is an access to internet and some device and you are set to learn from any places. This is one of the major advantages of online classes.

3. Valid Accreditation

Pursuing an online degree in Nepal is now secure and safe because you can get the full validation and accreditation of your degrees from Tribhuvan University, just like any other conventional degree, that too at a less expensive and less time consuming way. What else would you need to worry about? 

4. Readily available Study Materials

The different e-learning platforms such as Learning Management System (LMS) and a wide array of online study materials, podcasts, audio-books, recorded lectures and e-books are available once you enroll with the online degree programs at ICA. You can browse through these study materials whenever you have the time for it. Furthermore, via the LMS, you can view and share your live progresses in courses, grades and assignments any time you login. This is a really cool and transparent process of learning, isn’t it?

5. Career Growth

Most working professionals are in a dilemma about whether to continue working or to join a course to further their career goals. Online learning gives you the power to do both at the same time. The main reason behind this is that you do not have to worry about your physical attendance while pursuing a degree. Online learning at ICA has helped hundreds of such working career professionals to finally pursue their dream of getting a degree without hampering their work and personal life. Boom. How great it that?

6. Digital Learning 

Of course online learning uses various digital platforms to impart education. But at the same learners become more equipped about virtual learning and digital platforms such as e-learning systems, presentation platforms, data management tools and other essential digital tools that not only help you gain a cutting edge on your career progression, but which are nowadays a basic pre-requisite for most of the job roles in the market.