Career Education: Overrated or Necessity?

  • 2019-03-21
  • International Center For Academics
Career Education: Overrated or Necessity?

Career Education is slowly rising and establishing its ground among the various other educational systems. Before getting into the whole discussion on career education, it is very important to know what it actually is. Also known as, Vocation Training, Career Education enables an individual to build up the skills and abilities for a specific career. Career education focuses on providing a specific set of skills to an individual, instead of focusing on a variety of subjects and extra knowledge. The concept of career education started to provide the uneducated/unskilled necessary knowledge to build their career upon. Slowly it has been gaining popularity among millennials who want to pursue a career focusing on one skill. There are many people who appreciate career education while, there are also people who discard it. So, is career education overrated?

The perception on whether or not career education is overrated depends upon the necessity of an individual. For the one who has a clear mindset of what career to pursue, career education is the best option as it deals with the skills required for a specific job. These programs are much shorter than the university studies and provide skills, which can be immediately implemented to earn livelihood. A large number of these programs are accessible through junior colleges, professional schools and local associations. Likewise, numerous countries have career centers that work with individuals needing instruction choices that are an option or an expansion to a school training. While a few projects anticipate that students should hold a basic secondary school degree or its identical, different projects might consider you without such a qualification, however remedial coursework could be vital.

On the other hand, some consider that the knowledge of varied sectors and subjects is much more important to succeed as it focuses on developing the all-round skills of an individual. Specific skills provide concentrated and limited boundary while, a set of varied knowledge helps to expand the boundaries for an individual. It is less of a debate and more of a choice of requirement when it comes to career education. Nevertheless, it is always helpful if a certain educational system focuses on short-term career development rather than a traditional university study. Recently, career education and its concept have been introduced to Nepal in helping people gain some specific skills to earn their livelihood. These skills range from welding, commercial truck driving, plumbing, cosmetology to automotive technology and many others.


Career education and the university education are completely different and does not even compare with each other but it is satisfying to know that several education systems are being introduced according to changing needs of the growing world. The need of career education or university education differs according to the requirement of a specific group of people but one thing that should not be done is criticize one with respect to other.