Don't be a dropout Come Join ICA, education always wins

  • 2019-08-13
  • International Center For Academics
Don't be a dropout Come Join ICA

Dropping out of High School and Colleges has set to be a trend in developing countries like Nepal. However this trend is outcome of multiple causes that have not been so much studied yet. Most of the students tend to dropout before their SEE certification because of various economic and sociocultural circumstances one of which is because of the distance a student needs to travel to get to school. This is could be one of the demotivating factors affecting school dropouts. Also, many students who complete their SEE do not have access to quality education institutions which itself is a contributing factor of students dropping out in most of the places in Nepal. Even for the students who have the opportunity to finish their high school, because of social and economic pressure are obliged to join the workforce and unable to balance between work and study, they tend to dropout from college without gaining any valuable skill set. It is also seen that government has failed to disseminate the value of education and make it more relevant to local contexts and their needs.

There usually two types of impacts that affects the students and nation over all

Short Term Impacts

  • Low Self esteem in students
  • Low level of confidence in students
  • Skilled manpower gap
  • Crisis in Job Market
  • Unemployment
  • Increased buying parity

Long Term Impacts

  • Poverty trap
  • Socio-economic gap
  • Negative impact to National economy
  • Affecting National sustainability

It's not end of  lifeline if somebody thinks dropping out ruined their chance to achieve success. He can always get back to your studies and work at the same time there are many ways to do so. One of which is the modality of Open and DIstance learning. The establishment of open universities around the world aims to address the educational and re-educational needs of workforce labor needs by providing quality, high level studies. You are able to study at any pace, place and time which were once your barriers to success. International Center for Academics (ICA) has been a pioneer in Distance and Open learning and has successfully helped people re-educate themselves through the courses provided by Indira Gandhi National Open University. A lot of people who had stopped pursuing  their educational career have graduated from ICA. They have established themselves as reputed professionals and are paid more than what they did before they earned a degree.

If you were once a dropout and are still trying to find a way to get back to studies, we welcome you to ICA where you can choose from the wide range of programs we offer. At ICA you will be able to work and study at the same time through our ODL mode of learning.