Green Skills for Youth International Youth Day 2023 youth

  • 2023-08-11
  • ICA Admin
Green Skills for Youth

Happy International Youth Day-2023 from the ICA family to all the aspiring youth all across the world.

It wouldn’t be otherwise to say that youth are the strongest driving force of change. As change-makers, and agents of social action, youth provide the synergy for a more sustainable future. As a celebration of this synergy, every year August, 12 is commemorated as International Youth day globally. This year’s theme of celebration is “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World”.

Today, political and economic ideologies all across the world are in a common consensus about the need for climate action and sustainable future for its population(s). On the other hand, threats of nuclear armament and geopolitical tensions are looming large. In this scenario, it is clearly evident that the world needs to focus its attention towards building a peaceful and more sustainable future by empowering today’s youth to work for a common ground.

Green skills are important for sustainability as these skills are based on the principles of creating an enabling environment to facilitate environmentally sustainable decisions in work and in life. Being interdisciplinary in nature, the essence of green skills is also parallel to ‘skills for the future.’ These skills include environmental services, clean energy, climate action and sustainable development goals. Besides these other cross-cutting areas such as combating inequality, poverty, disaster vulnerability and others sector through sustainable and future oriented actions in work and daily life.

Environmental Management

It is the demand of the hour to develop proper environment management skills in youth for promotion and preservation of the environment. Environment related services are the cornerstone for provisioning the needs of the future generations. These include ethical practices in waste disposal and management, efficient energy consumption and environmental promotion.   

Clean Energy

The demand for energy is increasing with increasing economic activities globally. Provisioning of clean energy and gradual discouragement of use of fossil and other hazardous energy is one of the most important green skills that youth need to possess in this ever expanding world. The future of the generations to come depends upon the rational use of energy and other natural resources. 

Climate Action

Every small action has an impact on the climate. Until the last couple of decades, this collective consciousness was not very widely accepted in its coverage. Today, countries, corporations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and people have realized the importance of effective climate action for sustainability. Increasing risks of climate change have been more recurrent, evident from the changes in natural landscapes, weather patterns and increase in the occurrence of climate induced disasters. Climate change is real and it is a matter of serious consideration while imparting green skills to today’s youth to collectively combat it, without borders.             



Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are universally accepted 17 goals, envisaged to be achieved by 2030. It is also commonly known as Agenda 2030. Although SDGs are not legally binding, governments are expected to take ownership and establish national frameworks for the achievement of these goals. The youth have a greater responsibility for the localization of SDGs both at sub-national and community level(s). It is really important for today’s youth to internalize the objective of the SDGs to “LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND”