How to Manage Both Work and Study at the Same Time

  • 2023-12-17
  • ICA
How to Manage Both Work and Study at the Same Time

We live in a world that demands more from us, be it academics, work, experience achievements, or sociability. However, it is difficult to achieve so much in a short time as our commitments and priorities lie in various aspects of life. It is a dream for most students to be able to manage their work and study at the same time during their higher studies such as Bachelor's and Master’s but this dream is difficult to achieve when circumstances are not in your favor. The educational institutions in Nepal require time and resource commitments from students which makes it difficult for them to excel in their workplace at a desired pace. On top of this, a good amount of time and balance is also required for personal and social life. These issues can make choosing between a career and study a very daunting decision for a person who wants to pursue both together and stalling one priority for another leads to dissatisfaction.

Problems You Might Face When Working and Studying Together

Following are the most common problems faced by someone who wants to manage both work and study at the same time. These highly affect an individual’s decision to choose between working and not working while pursuing higher studies. If you are someone who plans to work while studying for your Master’s or even Bachelor’s degree, then consider these factors and learn how to get through them with online learning programs at ICA.

Time Management: The most pressing factor that affects the decision to work and study at the same time is time management. It is a challenging task to manage work and academics simultaneously but this is a challenge worth taking. When you have to dedicate long hours to both workplace, physical classes, and assignments, it is possible to feel like you do not have enough hours in a day to complete all tasks. However, with online learning at ICA, you can allocate hours for your study that fit according to your schedule. You can enroll in courses of your choice and take your self-learning online modules ahead according to your pace, place, and time.

Financial Resource Planning: Another major factor that influences your decision to work while studying is the generation of required financial resources. The completion of your Bachelor’s and Master’s programs ensures that you will earn more professionally. However, to complete your degree, you also need proper financial backup. Working students often carry the goal of paying for their studies by themselves, which is why they wish to work and study at the same time. To reduce the financial burden that working students carry, ICA offers cost-effective online programs that are 40% cheaper than other private colleges in Kathmandu.

Multiple Commitments: When you are working and studying at once, you will have multiple commitments to fulfill at both work and college. General college programs require you to have almost full attendance of classes and meet strict deadlines for assignments, tests, lectures, and presentations which might overlap with important work deadlines. The courses offered at ICA follow an online and offline module that allows you flexibility in attendance, assignment completion, and other deadlines which can be adjusted according to your work commitments, as you move forward with the course independently.

Personal Life: Apart from your work and academic life, you also need to manage your personal life with your friends and family. When you are already juggling between two things that require your full attention, it can be difficult to take time to enjoy your personal and social life. However, these are important aspects of your life that help you stay focused and motivated throughout your professional and academic journey. Studying at an open and distance learning college like ICA helps you manage your time and studies as per your requirements so that you can enjoy your time to the fullest while achieving your goals.

Psychological Pressure: Even if you mentally prepare yourself for the pressure that comes with taking on both work and study together, it is not possible for you to completely avoid the stress that gets built up with time. You might feel like you have no time for yourself and lack of energy management throughout the day adds further stress to your body and mind. ICA helps you solve this problem by allowing you to set the pace so that you don’t have to get stressed and can complete your tasks effectively and efficiently.

International Center for Academics (ICA), which is the authorized Overseas Study Center (OSC) of IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) in Nepal, gives you the freedom to work and study at the same time while balancing different aspects of your life. Many professionals have benefitted from the courses and learning modules offered by ICA. These courses are recognized by Tribhuvan University and accepted globally.

If you are someone who has come across any of the above problems when thinking about working while studying, then ICA is a good choice for you. Studying and working at the same time is a challenging task but it’s definitely a challenge worth taking.

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