Importance of ICT Education in Nepal: All you need to know

  • 2023-01-12
  • ICA Admin
Importance of ICT Education in Nepal: All you need to know

The Information Communications and Technology (ICT) sector is a burgeoning sector all around the world today. The ICT sector is also expected to grow at an accelerating rate in the recent years to come. The application of Information and Technology in manufacturing, education, medicine, and other service sectors are increasing day to day. Today automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made manual operations easier and more cost effective. The education sector is no exception to this. The extensive use of technological platforms in delivering education is not a new phenomenon today. 

Importance & Role of ICT in Education

Today life would be completely unimaginable without the Information Communications and Technology (ICT). With the growth of the IT sector both the demand for IT Education and IT applications are also parallel increasing in Nepal. More and more students are interested in the IT sector and at the same more and more industries and enterprises in Nepal are actively looking for IT professionals in their workforce.

ICT related skills were once a preferential section in the resume of working individuals but today it is one of the major requirements. What made this preferential skill into a required skill? It is simply because of the increasing conversion of manual workforce into automation and multi-tasking. ICT provides the power to industries and commerce to complete manually tiring tasks into more convenient and versatile way through the use of automation and innovation. 

Scope of ICT Education in Nepal

In Nepal the IT sector has grown by an alarming rate in the last decade. According to the Ministry of Finance (2021), 82.79% of the population had access to data/internet services in the country. Within the span of two decades this sector has made massive transformations possible in day to day life. Can you imagine a life without the internet or without smartphones today? Well the answer is simple. According to the Economic Survey Report (2021), there are three hundred Eighty Two Thousand mobile sets in use in Nepal. 

The ICT Education has become one of the most sought out ones in Nepal corresponding to the global scenario. E-learning and Open and Distance Learning (ODL) are also gaining high acclaim in Nepali education diaspora. Low-costs, flexibility and time effectiveness are major pull factors signaling towards this growth trends. IT Education offers learners with a more engaged learning environment and also supports learning through better collaboration between teachers and students. It also attributes students with the required futuristic skills to increase competence and productivity in industry standards. 

Today there are numerous IT related subjects to choose from for students in Nepal. Computer applications, software and hardware engineering, network engineering, coding and machine language, information and data management, automation, mass communications and journalism, and numerous other courses offered in Nepal and abroad are available for learners to choose from. Open and Distance learning courses today are offered through various pioneer institutions such as International Center for Academics (ICA) with state of the art teaching and learning opportunities for students who aspire to be engaged in the ICT sector through IT related courses. 

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