Importance of Information Technology - Scope of IT in Nepal

  • 2019-03-22
  • International Center For Academics
Importance of IT in Nepal

Information technology (IT) refers to the use of computers for creating, processing, storing and securing data, which can then be stored or networked with other physical devices. IT is widely used in several industries ranging from telecommunications to simple grocery store. In addition, IT is used by business operations to make their work processes more efficient.

Global and Nepal Scenario in IT

Nepal is not exempt from the global scenario where IT is being predominantly used in different technologies. Nepalese youngsters as with their western counterparts, are equally enthusiastic when it comes to designing projects that are usually an outcome of intensive coding. Even fringe businesses in Nepal have started adopting IT systems, and this alone presents boundless opportunities for Nepalese students studying IT. Previously, IT was not as popular in Nepal but with advent of colleges such as ours, quality IT education is at the reach of local students. These students are often groomed by qualified and trained IT academics, who have gained both academic and practitioner related experiences.

How to build career in IT fields:

The Information Technology program like POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER APPLICATIONS, Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) and Masters in Computer Application(MCA) equips students with critical skills that gives them a competitive advantage in the job market. IT Course are on high demand in global and Nepal scenario. IT Course ranges are used many sectors from finance, construction, hospitality, governance, data and statistics, marketing, which provides load of career opportunities.

Top 5 High paying Jobs in IT Fields:

Of the top 25 Highest paying jobs world wide according to US News : IT career has most number of highest earner. IT Sector takes Career scope for people who want to purse future in IT fields are unlimited. Here are few jobs in IT field which are high earners. 

  • Software Developer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • IT Manager
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Database Administrator

Why ICA for IT Courses?

IT Courses at ICA are accredited by IGNOU, which is a reputable university. Moreover, the local universities such as TU and KU also recognize IGNOU and the Ministry of Education Nepal has given IGNOU full validation. By enrolling in these courses, you have the freedom of working and studying at the same time. 

At ICA we believe in giving quality education at your own luxury, and therefore, our classes are only run during the weekends. We expect our students to be equally engaged in professional careers whilst they are studying in our college. Indira Gandhi National Open University offers direct admission to MCA 2nd year Integrated Programme .Minimum and maximum duration of Integrated BCA-MCA is five and eight years respectively. Successful completion of BCA is not mandatory for seeking direct admission into 2nd yr MCA under Integrated Prog. Nonetheless BCA can only be exempted if the student has been studying under IGNOU. Also the student should have a minimum of two years left, out of the maximum duration of 8 years.

ICA’s mission has always been to enrich the local population with quality education. We recognized a niche that exists in working population, whereby the students are often unable to attend classes as they are run parallelly with their working hours. Our target is full time workers as the concept of part time working is still in its infancy in Nepal. By offering weekend courses in BCA and MCA, we not only address the shortcoming in Nepalese academia, but also parallelly contribute to the society at large. Our courses contribute towards the economic welfare of the society through production of quality professionals.