Importance of IT in the field of education

  • 2020-01-21
  • International Center For Academics
Importance of IT in the field of education

Information technology in the field of education plays a major role for both the students and teachers. Students can learn while teachers to keep themselves up to date and improve their teaching skills. IT helps to access a variety of learning resources, collaborative learning, access to the online library, distance learning and reduces time on many routine tasks and so on.

 The importance of IT in the field education are:

 Cost-Effective and Affordable Education

The Internet improves the quality of education through Videos (like YouTube tutorial videos) and web tutorials which is affordable to everyone and cost-effective than traditional classes. It enhances the teaching skills and learning ability

Enhance relationships between teachers and students.

Technology can enhance the relationship between teachers and students by effectively integrate technology into the subject area. Teachers can grow into roles of advisers, content experts, and coach which make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun.

 Collaborative learning

With the help of technology, it has made it easy to study as well as teach in groups. Students also able to collaborate with their classmates through technological applications and unite together to do the desired task. The teachers can share extra study material and resources through the use of the internet.

Distance learning:

Distance learning involves online education. It is a unique way of gaining knowledge through online access. The Internet makes easy to interact with teacher via online classroom, through chat, e-mail or phone call. Students can learn anytime and from anywhere.

Online library:

Online Library is a virtual library offering books in a computerized form. It allows teachers and students to take advantage of wider ranges of materials and communicate with people outside the formal learning environment.