IT Professionals – One of the Highest-Paying Sectors in Nepal

  • 2024-02-06
  • ICA
IT Professionals – One of the Highest-Paying Sectors in Nepal

The growth in the IT sector of Nepal is evident given the rise of various software, apps, and overall digitalization of processes in all types of organizations. Apart from domestic organizations, international companies are also actively searching for skilled IT professionals in Nepal. Due to Nepal’s transition to a digital economy in the past decade, there is a huge surge in the demand for IT specialists across various domains, which is expected to keep growing in the coming years. The average monthly salary for people working in the IT field in Nepal ranges from NPR 25,000 to NPR 1,00,000 with the possibility of the actual salary being higher than reported. The rise of AI, process automation, cloud computing, data analysis, virtual reality, cybersecurity, and such developments in the global IT market along with blurred border lines caused due to greater internet availability also adds to the attractiveness of a career in the IT field.

Future Prospects of Being an IT Professional in Nepal

According to the Institute for Integrated Development Studies (IIDS), Nepal’s IT sector has exported an astounding $515 million worth of IT services to other countries in 2022, which is 64% higher growth than in 2021. This shows the pay potential for IT professionals working both in IT companies and as freelancers in Nepal. Looking further into the salary incentives for international opportunities in the IT field, the remuneration is much higher for individuals compared to other industries. Hamro Dev Jobs has reported a total of 562 IT companies in Nepal as of 2023. So, for students interested in pursuing a career in IT in Nepal, the IT landscape appears promising and filled with opportunities.

IT Development on a Global Scale

From a global perspective as well, out of the top 10 companies in the world listed by Forbes, 6 of them are IT companies. This shows how rapidly the IT sector is growing and the vast prospects it has to offer. Add to that, the dynamic nature of the IT industry provides ample opportunities for career growth, portfolio diversification, and advancement. IT professionals have more chances to continually upskill, specialize in niche domains, and pursue certifications to enhance their marketability. The development of the IT sector on a global scale also initiates the development of IT on the national scale of Nepal with the introduction of new technology and greater adaptation to tech requirements.

Globalization & Remote Work

The impact of globalization and remote work has further enriched the opportunities available to IT professionals in Nepal. Different collaboration opportunities are available today and people can now collaborate with international teams and serve clients globally, completely transforming any of the geographical boundaries. The need for networking and global collaboration is the very fact that makes the IT sector one of the most sought-after areas of employment today. The Internet and networking technologies have enabled professionals to collaborate and enrich each other’s experiences and expertise.

Career Diversification

Studying IT at your Bachelor's or Master's level does not mean you have to stick to just one type of job for the rest of your life. There are various high-paying IT jobs to choose from such as data scientist, software architect, web developer, machine learning engineer, DevOps engineer, database developer, cybersecurity engineer, computer programmer, network administrator, etc. The greatest advantage is that there are multiple courses and programs online that students can use to learn a specific skill and do not have to limit themselves to just one or two relevant jobs. Therefore, it is a sector that is great for the long run because there is still so much more that students and professionals can learn and equip within the IT sector, unlike other sectors which are more rigid in terms of growth and diversification. 

Opportunity Areas in the IT Field in Nepal

Being a professional in the IT field, a person can have opportunities in the following areas.

Software Development: Nearly 5,000 students graduate every year with some kind of tech degree in Nepal. This is recognized as a huge number of skilled IT manpower available by international software companies to outsource their work to Nepal.

Mobile Application Development: Mobile apps today are an integral part of people’s daily lives including gaming, social media, and messaging, among many others. The use of mobile phones and apps also creates opportunities for IT professionals to put their skills to use.

Digital Content Development: Digital content development requires skills in graphics-related applications and basic programming language. Companies like marketing and advertising, and web hosting companies that require digital content development are continuously looking for competent IT professionals for this work.

Internet Service Provider: The increasing number of internet users has also led to an increase in the number of internet service providers, that provide services like fiber, 5G and WiFi, ethernet, VSAT, ADSL, etc., all of which require IT professionals to work.

Online Payment Infrastructure: The surge of online payment systems has been quick since the COVID-19 pandemic. From government bill payments to large-sum business transactions, all of it is preferred to get done online today. This also requires IT professionals to work.

The above-mentioned opportunity areas and prospects of IT clearly show the high demand for IT professionals in the market today and in the days to come. By earning an IT degree, students who aspire to work in the IT field while getting paid highly can gain the required knowledge and skills they need to be successful.

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