Open Learning: Everything that you need to know!

  • 2019-02-18
  • ICA
Open Learning: Everything that you need to know!

Open learning, as inviting and in capturing as it sounds, is the most flexible mode of modern education. Open learning emphasizes mainly on performance and productivity instead of ?classroom discipline. It is an imaginative development in education that rose during the 1970s and advanced into fields of training and study. The term alludes largely to exercises that either
upgrade learning openings inside formal instruction frameworks or expand learning openings past formal training frameworks.

Open learning was introduced based on the growing need of education concerning other secondary obligations. Soon after its introduction, it grew into becoming a prominent choice of education for professionals who have primary obligations but want to take their education
forward. Open learning is designed to eliminate the need to be physical present in the university.
Internationally, several universities have been recognized in providing the best in class open learning to the students. University of Liverpool, The University of Manchester, Indira Gandhi National Open University and Boston University Distance Education are some of the best
universities in the world which provide open learning,

From the developed nations to the developing, Open Learning has steadily expanded its reach. As this is an alternative means of education students initially hesitate to take up these courses over regular full-time programs. Such is also the case in Nepal. However, their concerns dissipate once they are aware of the credibility they offer. International Center of Academics (ICA) has been providing quality open learning education since a decade. Authorized overseas
education partners of Indira Gandhi National Open University, ICA has been awarded “Best Overseas Partner Institution 2011, 2013 and 2014”. ICA was established in 1997 and has been awarded with “Best Distance Education B-School of Nepal 2013”. With best in class technology, communication, real-time outreach and round-the-clock counseling ICA has proved itself to be one of the best options for all the open learning enthusiasts in Nepal.

With our ever-increasing professional and societal commitments open learning has become the mode of study and career advancement for thousands in the country. From early-level trainees, to mid-level managers and organizational leaders, ICA and the varied programs that it offers, has been the study center of choice. Come experience the flexibility that can transform your future!