Requirement of Degree in Tourism Sector

  • 2020-02-19
  • International Center For Academics
Requirement of Degree in Tourism Sector

The Degree in Tourism sector provides fundamental knowledge of the tourism industry and also offers many exciting jobs in the same field. After completion of a degree in tourism, it helps to resolve the challenges as well as befitting to the tourism sector.


Here are some worth of having a degree in the tourism sector:

· Endless opportunities:

The tourism industry is a worldwide industry and fastest-growing area so, the skills and knowledge learn at college can easily transferable. A career in tourism is preferred worldwide for the best job profiles.

In case of Nepal, the tourism sector is on a high note especially as this year 2020 is dedicated to tourism as Visit Nepal 2020.

·   High Competition:

As compared to other degrees, the competition is higher compared to other job profiles. It required better management skills and business skills which are acquired after doing specialization in it.

· Job Option:

After completion of a degree, a lot of professional opportunities are opened like,

  • Tour manager
  • Holiday representative
  • Tourism officer
  • Travel agency manager
  • Tourist information Center manager
  • Oversea job opportunities

· Work Experiences

The work experiences can easily be gained by practical education in college or enrolling in some voluntary work at a hotel, resort. It is easy to get flexible time or part-time opportunities in this field and offered different kind job profiles

· Transferable skills:

The course of Tourism  degree offers business management, marketing fundamentals, human resources, project management, sustainability, awareness, etc. so, the knowledge and skills acquired through this program are useful in a different careers