Scope of Distance Learning in Nepal

  • 2019-03-22
  • International Center For Academics
Scope of Distance Learning in Nepal

The paradigm in which higher education has been established in our minds conveys a traditional approach where a student needs to go to a certain establishment 6 days a week to learn. But, as the world is advancing like never before, people don’t have enough time to spend over this format of education. More people are working as they are learning and time management is essential key to endorse whatever has been learnt.

Also, in Nepal work experience is not enough to stride uphill in the career path. Education qualifications do matter when one needs promotion to a certain post they are seeking. On the other hand people don’t have the luxury of time to grab their backpack and go to a college for regular classes. In these circumstances distance education can play a big role.

Especially in Nepal with people who spend 80 percent of their week at work, distance learning can aid towards gaining competencies one is required to enable higher performance at work. In addition, distance learning institutions grant certain openness to the learners where they can use their free time to study their study materials and even better, they can opt for attending lectures during the weekends. On the top of that,  when students are given the chance to study at their own pace, they can complete their programme even faster.

As aforementioned time management is the key and open learning institutions with their distance learning programme, it has been made possible to a greater extent. ICA (International Centre for Academics) has been conveying its motto “Work and Study at the same time” which itself explains that work-study balance can be achieved easily via distance education mode of learning.