The Future you always wanted

  • 2019-02-18
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The Future you always wanted

Taking a life-changing decision and moving to a path different from everyone around you is surely a daunting thing to imagine. But, sudden daunting decisions at the best of times, makes you a better person than others. Life is too short to be following what others are doing. Some random decisions and good choices go a long way. It is never easy to go back to the college days and start learning something new after you have joined a professional career. But what if, you can work and study at the same time?

International Center of Academics(ICA) is one of the most trusted and established open learning institutions of Nepal which has been serving professionals who want to grow in their career, for over more than a decade.  In 2002, it turned into the principal Partner Institution (PI) as of now known as Overseas Study Center (OSC) of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in Nepal. IGNOU, set up by an Act of Parliament in 1985, has ceaselessly endeavored to manufacture a comprehensive learning society through comprehensive education. It has endeavored to expand the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) by offering superb educating through the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode. One of the best ODL institution of Nepal, ICA is the only education institution of Nepal to be the member of Asian Association of Open Universities (

ICA presently offers nine diverse Academic, Value Added and Awareness programs through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode in Management, Humanities and Social Science, Tourism, Computer Science, and so on. The courses here at ICA are designed in such a way that individuals can focus more on learning rather than on attending the classes. Approved by the Education ministry of Nepal, ICA has repeatedly proved that open learning is the best form of education in the present competitive world.

Open learning is only different than the traditional learning due to its flexibility of being able to learn from whereever the learner wants to. Many people hesitate in joining open learning institutions due to fear that open learning is less reliable or inefficient or has lesser validation. On the contrary, open learning gives you what the traditional university study does not and that is to adjust your study time as per to your work time. It is very important to understand that open learning is not at all less secured or validated. ICA, throughout the years, has worked on removing this misconception and has produced exceptional professionals, who are now the leaders of their field. ICA and it’s members are passionately working to help each individual achieve what they want to – labs, study materials and the best faculty to help each professional/student to grow in their career and life.

Do not let your work come into the way of a better future. Open learning is not at any way different than other form of study; but provides learners with exceptional flexibility by taking away the pain of attending the university/college every day. It now time to work for the future that you always wanted, and ICA has your back in achieving it.