The Rise of Open Universities among the New Generation

  • 2024-01-22
  • ICA
The Rise of Open Universities among the New Generation

In recent years, the landscape of education in Nepal has undergone a revolutionary transformation, with open universities emerging as a beacon of opportunity for the new generation. With the new generation of students searching for more convenient ways to complete their higher studies (bachelor's and master's degrees) and for their choice of college, the educational transformation from traditional classrooms to online and hybrid methods is evident in Nepal. Understanding the needs of the tech-savvy new generation of learners, this blog delves into the reasons behind this significant shift and sheds light on the distinctive advantages that an open and distance learning college like ICA, accredited by IGNOU, brings to the forefront.


The Educational Revolution of the New Generation

The new generation of people often referred to as Gen Z (born between 1997-2012) and Gen Alpha (born between 2010-2024) have grown up exclusively in the digital era. They are tech-savvy people and use digital devices from a very early age. The new generation, i.e. Gen Z (currently aged between 12-27) spends around 9 hours on their phones every day, staying online on social networking sites and messaging apps, always connected to their friends and families, and creating and sharing content. Given such vast use of technology in their everyday lives, Gen Z also uses it for learning. Students today have readily available digital devices like phones and tablets, on which they rely heavily to study or search for just about anything they want to study.

According to an article by LinkedIn, Gen Z learners have shorter attention spans and often prefer digital and online learning environments. They are more likely to learn better through a combination of text, images, videos, infographics, and AI tools that are engaging and interactive in nature. Also, studies suggest that Gen Z wishes to have autonomy in their learning process. They want learning resources to be available online which can be accessed when required, unlike the traditional classroom-based writing and memorization techniques. This is why educational institutions are now realizing the need to invest in digital resources that can be integrated with the new teaching-learning methods suitable for the new generation. Amidst the challenges faced by traditional education systems, open universities have become a popular choice among students in Nepal.


Why Choose ICA Accredited by IGNOU?

Among various open and distance learning university programs available in Nepal, International Center for Academics (ICA) has established itself as a distinguished institution in distance education. ICA holds accreditation from the prestigious Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), offering globally recognized courses ranging from business management to information technology, arts, and tourism at bachelor’s, master’s, and PG diploma levels. As the pioneer open university in Nepal, ICA is the trusted choice for the new generation of students who are looking for colleges offering blended education, part-time studies, online learning, flexible learning, and distance learning.

ICA understands the demands of the modern life of the new generation, providing flexible learning options that cater to diverse schedules. This adaptability ensures that working professionals, homemakers, and individuals with varied commitments can pursue education at their own pace. For those seeking graduate and postgraduate degrees while continuing work, ICA offers a self-directed learning module where learners can complete their studies at their own pace, place, and time.

Benefit from the commitment to excellence at ICA, delivering quality education with global recognition. ICA fulfills the demands of the new generation by providing open learning platforms and facilitating a work-study balance for individuals who need to travel for work.