Unleashing the Power of eLearning: A Deep Dive into ICA's Offerings

  • 2024-01-02
  • ICA
Unleashing the Power of eLearning: A Deep Dive into ICA's Offerings

The potential of eLearning is being realized all over the globe currently. Today, blended learning and online education are the most sought-after form of education worldwide. Open and distance learning (ODL) has become one of the more successful forms of higher education. It has proven to be successful in creating an effective and result-oriented academic nexus across the globe. eLearning has become the leading choice of career professionals and aspiring students because of the myriad opportunities poised at the forefront of technology-based knowledge sharing.

What is eLearning and What it Does for You

In simple terms, eLearning is a form of remote learning, where students/learners use digital resources to learn and are not required to be physically present in lectures or classrooms throughout the course. Today, numerous courses are available in the eLearning modality created by integrating traditional classroom methods with virtual learning. This has enabled learners to pursue their higher studies at their own pace, place, and time while providing the following benefits.

Value for Money and Flexibility

The highest value a student can gain from online learning programs is the availability of time. Students don't need to commute daily to and from colleges saving them time, cost, and effort put in simply attending classes. With distance learning modules, students have the flexibility in planning and completing their studies according to their convenience. As online college courses can be completed using online resources and reviewed offline, it allows students to have a flexible study schedule that is suitable for them.

Accessibility and Teaching-Learning Pedagogy

Along with being flexible and self-paced, eLearning is gaining high popularity also due to easy accessibility to resources from anywhere, whether it be your office table or the comfort of your home. The relevant course materials are available both online and offline giving students more choices. The use of distance learning modality in schools and colleges is also increasing because of its distinct approach to teaching-learning pedagogy. It uses one or more technological platforms as compared to traditional teaching-learning methods which makes understanding of the subject matter easier for students.

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International Center for Academics: Pioneer in ODL and eLearning

The International Center for Academics (ICA), accredited by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a pioneer institution in Nepal with regards to eLearning. With decades of experience in the Nepalese education diaspora, ICA’s ODL system offers a wide range of online courses for bachelor, master, and PG diploma aspirants, including early and mid-career professionals as well as full-time learners.

The programs offered at ICA are flexible and are designed to foster creativity and the career prospects of learners enrolled with us. These courses are globally recognized and equivalent in Nepal and abroad. The following courses are available at ICA for aspiring students to choose from.

Bachelor’s Degree

A Bachelor’s Degree also known as an undergraduate degree, typically is a 3-4 years degree that is earned after completing a prescribed semester-based course of study. A Bachelor’s degree in any discipline is often a pre-requisite for a professional career and further education. ICA offers online Bachelor’s degrees in the following areas.

·         Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (BA)

·         Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications (BCA)

·         Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Tourism Studies (BATS)

·         Bachelor’s Degree Program in Commerce (BCom.)

·         Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (BA Honors)

Master’s Degree

A Master’s Degree, often referred to as a post-graduate degree, is the educational qualification done after an undergraduate or Bachelor’s degree. A Master’s degree is typically a 1–2-year program offered in various fields of study and often requires an original dissertation or project work to be completed. This level of education is essential for specialization or expertise in a specific discipline and acts as a foundation for a doctorate or higher education. ICA offers online Master’s degrees in the following areas.

·         Master in Computer Application (MCA)

·         Master in Business Administration (MBA)

·         Master in Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM)

·         Master of Arts in English (MA English) 

PG Diplomas

A postgraduate diploma (PG Diploma) is a course that can be studied after the completion of a recognized Bachelor’s degree. A PG Diploma is typically shorter than a Master’s course and is centered on providing specialized practical training in particular areas of expertise. These courses are more affordable and readily available. Here is a list of online PG Diploma courses available at ICA. 

·         PG Diploma in Operation Management

·         PG Diploma in Financial Management

·         PG Diploma in Human Resource Management

·         PG Diploma in Computer Applications

·         PG Diploma in Service Management Area

Overseas Extension

Besides regular educational degrees, ICA also provides opportunities for learners to engage in doctoral and other higher education degrees in world-class universities across the world. ICA Education and its affiliates provide counseling and career advice to its students with the widest selection of affordable and growth-oriented degrees in Nepal and overseas. 

Searching for a college that offers a Bachelor/Master program with open and distance learning modalities? Unleash your potential with ICA course programs that suit your needs.