Why an Open University?

  • 2019-03-22
  • International Center For Academics
Why an Open University?

What is Open University?

A university with an open door academic policy might require minimal or no entry requirements. Open Universities adhere to certain teaching methods which might be distance learning or open supported learning or both. Nonetheless not all open universities focus on distance education, nor do distance education universities necessarily have open admission tactics. The primary goal of an Open University is to give everybody equal opportunities to raise their education level and develop their competencies. Also it helps students who spend most of their time in full time jobs.

Although a major part of education system consists of full time education, there is a large number of people who are unable to pursue it. Some might not be able to afford while some might have some other reasons or obligations to maintain. To such people open universities serve greatly.

Why should you opt for Open University?

  • Open Universities are ideal for those who haven’t had much fortune in pursuing full time education.
  • Open Universities are also for people who reside in remote areas and have a hard time commuting to towns and cities. Open Universities does not put attendance at their top priority and study materials can be sent to them via post too.
  • Almost every correspondence is done via post and a student is only required to visit nearest study center for periodical Academic Supports and Examination purpose.
  • Open Universities are most beneficial to those who need financial assistance. Courses are not as expensive and students can still work as a full timer to pay for the studies at the same time.
  • Open Universities are also favorable for students who have education gaps. Students who were unable pursue their academic career because of various reasons can also get back into studies without complications.