Importance of oratory skill

  • 2020-01-19
  • International Center For Academics
Why is oratory skill important for students?

What is Oratory Skills:

Public speaking is an art. Well having said that for some, speaking to a mass makes them go weak at the knees. Well it is completely natural. Oratory skills can be learnt, polished and perfected. Not only you can be good at it but you can get great at it. You need to follow a simple checklist to be an ace at it.

Tips to Improve Oratory Skills?

Unlearn: The first rule of the thumb is to take a deep breath and understand why you need oratory skills. The answer is simple and straightforward: To express what you already know or feel. After understanding this basic rule, you need to erase from your mind the impulses that drag you away from the microphone. If you are pre-occupied with the fear of mastering the art of public speaking, you will most probably feel that you are not made for it. It is common to be nervous and embarrassed to speak up. However, if you feel that you are just expressing your views and ideas that you already know and have in you, you will most probably feel more relaxed and comfortable. After all, it is just like talking, the only difference is on a microphone.

Dare: Overcoming the fear of public speaking can be challenging, but with practice and strategies, it is absolutely possible to become a confident speaker. You just need to grab that microphone and start talking. You could practice deep breathing exercises. Slow and deep breathing not just helps to calm your nerves but also assists in relaxing your body muscles before heading to the stage.  

Practice: Preparation and practice is important for public speaking. Preparing your speech or presentation in advance could be beneficial for first time darers. You need to practice your speech a couple of times in front of the mirror or you could record yourself or present yourself to a friend or colleague before the big day. Being familiar and well verse with your contents makes you more confident and less anxious. Gradually, exposing yourself to low pressure situations and informal gatherings is one way to go. Every experience adds up to you mastering the art of speaking. Well, there is one more step to practicing and that is, yeah you guessed it right, MORE PRACTICE. 

Oratory skill is an art of public speaking, especially formally and eloquently. Oratory skill is so important today because it is a life skills. More often than not it can be one of the deciding factors for career development, business growth and interpersonal relationships. 

Importance of Oratory Skills:

“Oratory skill is a skill that is definitely worth learning” as it is one of the most important skills you will ever develop in your life. We have prepared a list of convincing reasons why oratory skills are important for students:

1. Increase in self-confidence and Leadership: Being a great speaker is always good for boosting up your confidence. Firstly it helps you handle pressure better and finally it is a great communication skill. This skill will help you become more confident in your subject matter and around your peers, friends, family and professional circle. Public speaking is a key skill for leadership roles and the students who excel their oratory skills are going to be the leaders in their fields who can motivate and inspire the other to follow on their footsteps.

2. Communication and Academic Success: If you work on your oratory skills, it will help you enhance your overall communication abilities. This way you learn to express in clarity and precision which is a valuable communication skill. Persuasion and coherence in thoughts can be successfully demonstrated through public speaking. Another reason why oratory skills are important because students are often required to do presentations and talks as part of their academic life. This skill is purely inescapable and by learning the art of speaking you can master your presentation skills. This is important for your academic success as a whole.

3. Career and Civic Engagement: In professional settings, the ability to communicate persuasively and confidently is probably the most important skillset requirements. Effective oratory skills can boost your chances of getting hired and of opportunities that are otherwise going to be limited. It is also important for career advancement and growth for instance for promotions, great appraisal rating and increasing your credit scores. Another aspect why it is important is because once in a professional environment you are in the real world and your voice makes a big difference out there. If you cannot speak, you simply cannot grow.

4. Articulation and Creative Thinking: Effective public speaking cannot be possible without preparation of the subject matter. This helps students to think critically and analyze different information so that they can structure their arguments cohesively and logically. Similarly, it helps in articulation and triangulation of facts that are available to draw critical conclusions while speaking. 

5. Personal Growth: Having stated the different importance of oratory skills, the most significant importance is for personal growth of the students. After all, who wouldn’t feel great to hear a warm round of applause after delivering an effective speech in front of an audience? It is one of the greatest life-skills that help you grow personally. 

In summation, oratory skills are very important to students because it is probably the most important tools for effective communication. Brushing up these skills will help you excel academically, professionally, inter-personally and personally. You can talk to a speaking coach or a counsellor who can help you master the art of speaking. So why wait to talk. 

Keep talking, but this time in front of your audience. Good luck.