Why Study a Master’s Degree in Tourism

  • 2023-05-08
  • ICA Admin
Why Study a Master’s Degree in Tourism and Travel Management?

Who doesn’t love traveling? Everybody loves to travel, it’s just like the voyagers’ tales say, “Keep moving”. With love for travel, the travel economy has increased similarly. Millions of travelers move all around the world, some for work, and events, and some for a holiday. Wherever people travel, the need for services and infrastructure is inevitable. People need accommodation, food, transportation, and recreational and business-related services when they travel. The tourism industry presents millions of job opportunities, in travel and hospitality management that help to cater to the experiences of travelers all across the world.

The tourism industry is a dynamic sector and is ever-growing. Unlike other sectors, probably the tourism sector is probably the only one that never slows down, and keeps on accelerating. There are many academic and non-academic courses and degrees available across different countries that specialize in tour, travel, and hospitality management and development. A graduate degree in tourism also called the Master’s Degree in Tourism is one of the highly sought-after courses in this sector. 

The International Center for Academics (ICA) also offers a state-of-the-art Master in Travel and Tourism Management (MTTM) in affiliation with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), one of the world’s largest Open and Distance Learning University. The MTTM boasts itself to be one of the most dynamic and diverse degrees in tourism studies in the world with state of an art syllabus, flexible credit hours, and great tutors and learning facilities. 

Nepal being one of the richest countries in natural resources, culture, and heritage is one of the most visited places in the world. There is a common saying that “Heaven is a myth, Nepal is real.” This statement rightly justifies the unique beauty of this mystical land. In this context, tourism is regarded as one of the most sustainable development pillars of the country. Each year thousands of tourists visit Nepal, especially during the peak seasons of March-June and September-November to enjoy the mountains, landscapes, religious and cultural sites, and experience the rich and diverse cultures and traditions of the country. 

A Master’s degree in tourism empowers the learners to develop strategies for tourism development, design thematic tours, and organized tourism activities such as arrangements of guides, accommodation, and food experiences. An academic degree is also essential to equip future tourism professionals with expertise related to planning, organizational development, personnel management, resource planning, and many more avenues. It also enables learners to adapt to best practices and the international environment in the management of the tourism sector. 

The tourism sector is a booming sector in Nepal and beyond. The demand for tourism professionals and services is growing at a rapid pace. To cater to the needs of millions of travelers, a Master’s degree in tourism is the right path to becoming tourism career professional.

To learn about the BTS and MTTM program you can visit the center or through the link https://ica.edu.np/courses.