Why Study an MBA with Specialization in Service Management?

  • 2023-07-04
  • ICA Admin
Why Study an MBA with Specialization in Service Management?

IGNOU MBA is one of the most sought out degrees in Nepal and beyond. By enrolling in a online Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) course at ICA, your management related career is set to take a new leap. A specialized IGNOU MBA through distance learning with focus on Service management is offered by International Center for Academics (ICA) to offer learners a unique array of skills and expertise required in different sectors such as:

  1. Sales and Marketing
  2. Production Management
  3. Supervising
  4. Marketing of Financial Services
  5. Human Resource Management
  6. Research 

An MBA in Service Management is beneficial for a compelling number of reasons especially for students who want to pursue a career in service-oriented industries. These industries include hospitality, healthcare, banking, retail, telecommunications, consumer relationship, consulting and research, education and real estate management to name a few. There are numerous career paths and job prospects to choose from for graduates in MBA specializing in Service Management. 

The service industry and service culture is a highly demanding and ever-growing arena of employment all across the globe. Ensuring the right value for money and optimum level of consumer satisfaction is one of the major goals of the service sector today. In order to successfully manage and operate such industries ultimate precision in service delivery is required. Let us discuss a few compelling reasons why an MBA with specialization in Service Management is growing in demand today. 


A specialization in Service management enables you to learn skills required for different levels of service industries and operations. Similarly this MBA offers students with skills related to service design, quality assurance, analytics and delivery of services. Add to that it also equips students with service leadership, innovation and transformation related exposure so that they can perform better in service-oriented jobs.

Customer Relationship

Another important reason to study MBA with specialization in service management is I order to stay on top of customer’s preferences and choices in the competitive fields. Customer satisfaction is perhaps one of the most important measures of business success today. The real value for money and satisfaction in terms of customer experience is one of the main focus areas of this MBA. By studying this degree, students have useful insights for customer service management and customer relationship management, which are important for ensuring customer loyalty and effective service delivery. These skills are regarded as important skills for career advancement and career growth of service professionals. The values of customer satisfaction reflect the vision of organization so is regarded as an important aspect of business.

Management Decisions

Just like other MBA degrees, the degree offers students with in-depth business management knowledge with more specific knowledge in service related areas. Students can gain a core understanding of business functions and behavior such as in areas of finance, accounting, operations, human resources, marketing, sales and others at the same developing expertise in service design, service implementation, quality management, service innovation and service recovery. 

Entrepreneurship and Networking

MBA program in service management offers students with excellent networking opportunities through peers, educators, industry professionals and faculty. These networks are crucial for entrepreneurship development for service-oriented businesses. The knowledge of business planning, market research, customer acquisition and management provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurial development among students. 

Career Advancement and Placements

The service sector is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of employment and investment. Whatever sectors it maybe, the service component is one of the most important components of business. Whether hospitality, healthcare, medicine or banking, service sector is indispensable. In this scenario, an MBA in Service Management is one of the most sought our degrees by employers in terms of employer’s preferences and satisfaction. The degree offers students with skills to meet the industry demands and provide a solid foundation for career advancement and employability.