Why Not to Study Abroad? - Disadvantages of Studying Abroad.

  • 2023-12-01
  • ICA
Why Not to Study Abroad?

The decision to study abroad is a major decision in life. Studying abroad is a life-transforming experience. Of course, studying abroad can open the doors to new cultures, social practices, and many opportunities. However, this may not be the best choice for many individuals. There are many blogs related to why to study abroad. Today, we have summarized the reasons why not to study abroad. These facts may help you decide against studying abroad for your educational degree.

Disadvantages of Studying Abroad

With recent trends of student looking to immigrate and study abroad. They fail to consider the disadvantages of studying abroad and just look at glitz and glamour with abroad education. Here are few point student fail to consider: 

1. Financial Reality: The major factor that can influence a person’s decision to study abroad is how expensive or cheap higher education can be. The collective tuition fees, books and course materials expenses, living expenses, food and groceries, travel costs, insurance, etc. spent for educational degrees like bachelor's and master’s courses can add up to be very expensive, creating an overall financial burden that not everyone can easily manage. Some people might also opt to take personal and student loans, or even use family finances and savings to complete their college degrees which is a big decision to contemplate before deciding to study abroad.

2. Cultural Shift: The lucrative culture abroad is a glitz in media today. However, this glamour can be easily overshadowed by the challenges associated with adapting to a completely different way of life. Homesickness, language barriers, and cultural differences can be huge contributing factors to health issues like depression, anxiety, and loneliness, which can jeopardize the overall study objective.

3. Language Barriers: Although many international university degree programs offer courses in English, it is still possible for individuals to face language barriers that can hinder their academic growth. Those who are not proficient in the English language can have high frustration built up when they are not able to communicate well or compete in such an environment.

4. Expensive Healthcare: The healthcare system abroad is quite different than it is in Nepal. It is more expensive which means only limited health coverage is available abroad. So, for people who have multiple health issues, it is a worrisome concern as students who need to focus well on their college classes cannot manage their health needs and overall well-being while studying.

5. Family Responsibilities: Not everyone has the liberty to complete their education degree from abroad due to their family responsibilities. For some students, their family commitments can have a higher priority over their decision to study abroad. Aging parents, young siblings, or other family responsibilities are major concerns for many. In this scenario, the idea of moving to another location can have more negative effects on your mental health and even so, for an extended period of time can hamper your learning.

7. Immigration Issues: Most university degree programs abroad require strict adherence to immigration laws. Almost all students require a valid visa and active student status to retain their visa status. Failure to maintain the visa status can lead to cancellation of visas and expulsion from the enrolled college program. For more information regarding Immigration law, check the Nepal Immigration Act. This pressure can be real if you are also working as a part-time worker while studying.

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