World Tourism Day-2023: Tourism and Green Investment

  • 2023-09-27
  • ICA
World Tourism Day-2023: Tourism and Green Investment

In today's interconnected world, tourism and green investment are topics that hold immense relevance and important values. As students and researchers, we explore into the depths of knowledge to understand the profound impact of these subjects on our global society. Here, we explore the educational value of travel, and also share different tips for incorporating educational elements into your journeys. We also shed some focus lights on the dynamic career paths of studying Travel and Tourism, particularly in Nepal.

Tourism is the Largest Industry in Nepal

Tourism plays a pivotal role in Nepal's GDP and the overall economy of the country. Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal, contributing significantly to the nation's GDP. Tourism contributes to around 10% of the overall national GDP with a earning of more than 20% of the total foreign exchange. Again it is the sector that employs over 1.5 million people through direct and indirect employment. Another great thing about tourism here in Nepal is that it not only offers opportunities for economic growth but also helps to promote cultural exchanges. On September 27 each year, World Tourism Day is celebrated all around the globe to commemorate the great aspects of travel and the freedom that travel and tourism have been gifted to the human mind.

Travel as a Means of Education and Experience

Travel is more than just a leisurely activity. It is in fact a great classroom without any limits. Educational travel enriches our understanding of the history, languages, culture, geography, and different traditions. Every travel journey is an opportunity to learn new things, to grow as a person, and to appreciate the great diversity of the world that we live in.

How to make Travel Educational

Travel is fun without a doubt. But it can be made educational as well. Here are some of the tips for travelers to make their journeys more educational:

Local Engagement: You can engage with the locals to gain more insights into their culture and ways of living. Homestays or hosted places can be a great way to do it. This opportunity provides travelers with a deeper understanding of the places that you're visiting.

Books and Articles: Before travelling to a new place you can always read books, articles and blogs about the go to place or even watch vlogs, movies and documentaries. This background knowledge will not only help you plan your travel better but also to enhance your travel experience.

Language and Dialects: Language is a great tool for communication. By knowing even some basic words of the local language, you can develop a great connection with the locals. By communicating better you can graze into the realities by opening up frankly with the locals.  You can consider taking tutorials or language classes before your trip.

Visit Historical Sites and Museums: You can immerse yourself in the past of the travel destination and countries by exploring historical landmarks, art galleries, exhibits and museums. This can be a great transformative experience for travelers.

Sustainable Travel: These days you can choose eco-friendly, ethical and natural accommodations. You can also support local businesses, and be mindful of your environmental impacts and footprints of travelling. Sustainable tourism ensures that the future generations can also enjoy these destinations as it is now.

Tourism for Deeper Understanding of the World We Live In TODAY.

Travel isn't just about acquiring facts; it's about personal growth. Stepping out of your comfort zone, facing new challenges, and adapting to different environments all contribute to your development as an individual. Travel fosters empathy, tolerance, and a broader perspective on life.

Studying Travel and Tourism at ICA.

For those who are passionate about the tourism and travel industry, pursuing a or Master’s degree in Travel and Tourism at ICA (International Center for Academics) is an exciting and one of a kind opportunity. This discipline offers a unique blend of business knowledge, cultural understanding, and sustainability principles for tourism practisioners.

Studying Travel and Tourism at ICA Nepal provides a solid foundation for a career in the tourism industry. It equips students with the skills needed for career advancement and opens doors to global opportunities. With the nation's growth in tourism, there is a promising scope for those who choose this path.